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Bret Kaiser – Bret started singing rock and roll in 1976, after watching his younger brother Bruce, performing in a band called “FLAX”. When “the King” passed in ‘77, Bret’s aspirations to be a rock singer became reality. Bret’s musical career has taken him from New York to London via Hollywood and back again. A veteran performer, Bret’s powerful vocals garnered him a gold record and 2 MTV music videos in 1984 when he fronted ‘80’s MTV metal band, Madam X. After tours in the U.S. & England, record label and management issues brought him back home to New York where, upon leaving Madam X in 1985, he formed KAISER.  With a large regional following they re-emerged as the Bowry Boyz, touring the U.S. as a Budweiser Concerts band into the mid '90's. It was during this time touring that Bret made his first 'pilgrimage' to Memphis. Even then, while playing in a Rock club in Memphis, Bret sang several Elvis tunes despite fronting a metal band.  Bret started doing his musical tribute to the King in 2003 to packed crowds and enthusiastic fans all over.  Sometimes you can catch him in a departure performance that pays homage to the crooners called ‘An Evening with Bret Kaiser’ or in a bejeweled jumpsuit doing his ‘Forever Elvis’ tribute show or as the face and voice that fronts his Rockabilly, early fifty’s band ’56.

Reunited with all the original members of Madam X in 2014, the reunion that was 25 years in the making happened before 12,000+ of the loudest, most loyal MADAM X fans in the world: SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2014.  SRF believed and fans from the world-over screamed their welcome-back by chanting lyrics to both old and new MADAM X metal anthems! In February 2016, they rocked the high seas at “MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE 2016 – Shredders from the East” where 4 brand-new, face-melting songs from the upcoming album were debuted exclusively for MORC cruisers! Returning to MORC 2018 and SRF 2018 Reviewers have raved, with fans worldwide demanding more shows featuring the uniquely balanced, inexorable male/female 4-plex assault on your eyes and ears that only this original 4-some called MADAM X can deliver up!

MADAM X HAS UNLEASHED NEW MUSIC - with a new, full-album released on Halloween in 2017 called “MONSTROCITY”.   X-ers worldwide are demanding more Madam X – with new show dates coming in 2019 - thus establishing MADAM X as the hot, molten-metal powerhouse who seemingly never-EVER left the arena!   

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Forever Elvis & Friends Tribute